History of the Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology originated in 1998. Currently, there are 14 teaching staffs (2 Professors, 1 Associate Professor, 6 Lecturers, 4 Assistant Lecturers and 1 Tutor in Department. The First Bachelor’s degree course in Psychology was offered in 2000. In 2010, Master of Psychology course was offered. Nowadays, the Department of Psychology offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.



As the prior goals of Department are teaching, conducting research and serving community, we strive to:

  • increase psychological knowledge
  • apply psychological knowledge to the benefit of society
  • improve critical thinking
  • produce high quality research
  • provide community outreach service


  • The Psychology Department at Myitkyina University provides students by disseminating psychological knowledge that enable to apply in everyday life and social setting and train students to be qualified graduates and good citizens who serve to the benefits of community.

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Prof. Dr Tun Aung
Head of Department of Psychology

Phone : 09250127232

Email : tunagyamanya1970@gmail.com

Education and qualification
  • B.A (Psychology), Yangon University, 1995
  • M.A (Psychology), Yangon University, 2003
  • Ph.D (Psychology), Yangon University, 2010
Professional Experience
Sr No.Member’s NameDesignationDuty
1Dr. Tun AungProfessor, Head of DepartmentPresident
2Dr. Van Lal LianaProfessorVice-President
3Daw Win MayLecturermember
4Daw Thandar PhyuTutormember
5Ma Khin Nandar Tun1-psy-43member
6Mg Htoi San Aung2-psy-22member
7Mg Nyein Chan Ko4-psy-10member
8Ma Htan GayQ-psy-1member
9Ma Zum Lumt2-Maha-psy-1member
10Dr. San Moe SannAssociate ProfessorSecretary
Sr No.Member’s NameDesignationQualification
1Dr. Tun AungProfessor, Head of DepartmentB.A (Psychology), Yangon University, 1995
M.A (Psychology), Yangon University, 2003
Ph.D (Psychology), Yangon University, 2010
2Dr. Van Lal LianaProfessorB.A (Hons)(Psychology), Mandalay University, 1995
M.A (Psychology), Mandalay University, 2004
Ph.D (Psychology), Mandalay University, 2013
3Dr Sann Moe SanAssociate ProfessorB.A (Q)(Psychology), 2000
M.A (Psychology), Mandalay University, 2003
Ph.D (Psychology), Mandalay University, 2013
4Daw Win MayLecturerB.A (Psychology), Mandalay University, 1995
M.A (Psychology), Mandalay University, 2003
5U Myint Kyaw KhineLecturerB.A (Hons) (Psychology), Mandalay University, 2000
M.A, (Psychology), University of Myitkyina, 2008
6Daw Than Than TunLecturerM.A (Psychology), University of Myitkyina
Social Counselling: Application in Social Work Practice Training Course, Thammasat University, Thailand, 2012
The Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium: Critical Thinking in Higher Education Training Course, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2019
7Dr. Lamar Lu NanLecturerB.A (Hons)(Psychology), Mandalay University, 2001
M.A (Psychology), Mandalay University, 2004
M.Res (Psychology), Mandalay University, 2005
Ph.D (Psychology), University of Yangon, 2011
8Daw Aye Aye SweLecturerB.A (Hons)(Psychology) (Yadana Bon University), 2005
M.A (Psychology) (Mandalay University), 2007
9U Nyein TunLecturerB.A (Q) (Psychology), Mandalay University of Distance Education, 2004
M.A (Psychology), University of Myitkyina, 2007
10Dr. Aung Ko Ko LynnAssistant LecturerB.A (Q)(Psychology), Yangon University of Distance Education, 2004
M.A (Psychology), Yangon University, 2008
M.A (Edu), International Christian University (Tokyo), 2016
Ph.D (Social Psychology), International Christian University(Tokyo), 2019
11Daw Htu RawAssistant LecturerB.A (Q)(Psychology), University of Myitkyina, 2004
M.A (Psychology), University of Myitkyina, 2007
12Daw Thandar PhyuAssistant LecturerB.A (Hons)(Psychology), University of Myitkyina, 2011
M.A (Psychology), University of Myitkyina, 2014
13Daw Nway Nway LwinAssistant LecturerB.A (Hons)(Psychology), University of Myitkyina, 2006
M.A (Psychology), University of Myitkyina, 2008
14Daw Htet Myat AungTutorB.A (Q)(Psychology), University of Myitkyina, 2012
M.A (Psychology), University of Myitkyina, 2016
Dr Van Lal Liana
Dr Van Lal Liana Professor View Profile
Dr Sann Moe San
Dr Sann Moe San Associate Professor View Profile
Daw Win May
Daw Win May Lecturer View Profile
U Myint Kyaw Khine
U Myint Kyaw Khine Lecturer View Profile
Daw Than Than Tun
Daw Than Than Tun Lecturer View Profile
Dr. Lamar Lu Nan
Dr. Lamar Lu Nan Lecturer View Profile
Daw Aye Aye Swe
Daw Aye Aye Swe Lecturer View Profile
U Nyein Tun
U Nyein Tun Lecturer View Profile
Dr. Aung Ko Ko Lynn
Dr. Aung Ko Ko Lynn Assistant Lecturer View Profile
Daw Htu Raw
Daw Htu Raw Assistant Lecturer View Profile
Daw Thandar Phyu Assistant Lecturer View Profile
Daw Nway Nway Lwin
Daw Nway Nway Lwin Assistant Lecturer View Profile
Daw Htet Myat Aung
Daw Htet Myat Aung Tutor View Profile
Dr Kyaw Swar
Dr Kyaw Swar
Sr NoNameDepartmentTitleJournal,Year and Page
1Dr. Lamar Lu Nan
Department of Psychology
Myitkyina University
A Comparative Study
On Self-Esteem Between
Working Wives And
Non-Working Wives In Myitkyina
University of Myitkyina Research Journal, 2015 Vol-6- No.1,P.71
2Dr. Van Lal Liana
Department of Psychology Mandalay UniversityThe Relationship between
Goal Orientation and Imagery
Use in Professional Sport
Universities Research Journal, 2015 Vol-7 No.5 P-303
Sr NoAuthorCo-AuthorResearch TitleStart DateTentative End Date
1Daw Win May LecturerDaw Than Than Tun Lecturer
Daw Aye Aye Swe Lecturer
A Study on the Moderation Role of Personality Traits in the relationship between Perceived Autonomy and Life-Satisfaction among University Students1.10.201930.1.2020
2U Nyein Tun
Daw Htu Raw
Assistant Lecturer
Daw Nway Nway Lwin
Assistant Lecturer
A Study on the Relationship between University Major Choice and Birth Order among Myitkyina University Students1.10.201930.1.2020
Sr NoStudent's NameRoll No.Thesis Title
1Ma Khin Pyae Pyae Tun2Maha Psy-1The Relationship between Mindfulness and Stress among Myitkyina University Students
2Mg Kyaw Min Htet2Maha Psy-2A Study on Gender differences in Ways of Coping Styles among Myitkyina University Students
YearNumber of Students
First year76
Second year41
Third year56
Fourth year34
First year Honours2
Second year Honours4
Third year Honours2
M.A First year1
M.A Thesis2
YearNumber of Students
First year76
Second year41
Third year56
Fourth year34
First year Honours2
Second year Honours4
Third year Honours2
M.A First year1
M.A Thesis2

Curriculum and Time Table

Core Courses
Psy-1101Introduction to Psychology I
Elective Course
Psy-1102Child Development
Elective Courses (for other Specialization)
Psy-1001Child Development
Psy-1002States of Consciousness
Psy-1003General Psychology I
Psy-1004Public Relations
Core Courses
Psy-1103Introduction to Psychology II
Elective Course
Psy-1104Psychology of Adolescent
Elective Courses (for other Specialization)
Psy-1005Psychology of Adolescence
Psy-1005Psychology of Adolescence
Psy-1006Psychological Disorders
Psy-1007General Psychology II
Psy-1008Understanding Human Interaction

Core Courses
Psy-2101Developmental Psychology
Psy-2102Applied Psychology I
Psy-2103Experimental Psychology I
Elective Courses (for other Specializations)
Psy-2001Language and Thought
Psy-2002Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
Psy-2003Occupational Psychology I
Core Courses
Psy-2104Educational Psychology
Psy-2105Applied Psychology II
Psy-2106Experimental Psychology II
Elective Courses (for other Specializations)
Psy-2004Stress and Stress Management
Psy-2005Psychology of Adulthood and Aging II
Psy-2006Occupational Psychology II

Core Courses
Psy-3101Social Psychology I
Psy-3102Industrial and Organizational Psychology I
Psy-3103Abnormal Psychology I
Psy-3104Psychological Statistics I
Elective Courses
Psy-3105Crime and Psychology I
Psy-3106Community Psychology
Elective Course (for Law)
Psy-3001Crime and Psychology I
Core Courses
Psy – 3107Social Psychology II
Psy – 3108Industrial and Organizational Psychology II
Psy – 3109Abnormal Psychology II
Psy – 3110Psychological Statistics II
Elective Courses
Psy – 3111Crime and Psychology II
Psy – 3112Psychology of Aging
Elective Course (for Law)
Psy – 3002Crime and Psychology II

Core Courses
Psy-4101Counseling Psychology II
Psy-4102Sport Psychology I
Psy-4103Psychological Testing I
Psy-4104Psychological Research I
Elective Courses 
Psy-4105Health Psychology I
Psy-4106Introduction to Social Problems I
Psy-4107Psychology of Communication
Core Courses
Psy-4108Counseling Psychology II
Psy-4109Sport Psychology II
Psy-4110Psychological Testing II
Psy-4111Psychological Research II
Elective Courses 
Psy-4112Health Psychology II
Psy-4113Introduction to Social Problems II
Psy-4114The Development of Gender

Core Course
Psy-3201Social Psychology I
Psy-3202Industrial and Organizational Psychology I
Psy-3203Abnormal Psychology I
Psy-3204Psychological Statistics I
Elective Courses
Psy-3205Crime and Psychology I
Psy-3206Community Psychology
Core Course
Psy-3207Social Psychology II
Psy-3208Industrial and Organizational Psychology II
Psy-3209Abnormal Psychology II
Psy-3210Psychological Statistics II
Elective Courses
Psy-3211Crime and Psychology II
Psy-3212Psychology of Aging

Core Course
Psy-4201 Counselling Psychology II
Psy-4202 Sport Psychology I  
Psy-4203 Psychological Testing I   
Psy-4204 Psychological Research I 
Elective Courses
Psy-4205 Health Psychology I
Psy-4206 Introduction to Social Problems I
Psy-4207 Psychology of Communication  
Core Course
Psy-4208Counselling Psychology II
Psy-4209Sport Psychology II
Psy-4210Psychological Testing II
Psy-4211Psychological Research II
Elective Courses
Psy-4212Health Psychology II
Psy-4213Introduction to Social Problems II
Psy-4214The Development of Gender

Core Course
Psy-5201Advanced Industrial Psychology
Psy-5202Advanced Abnormal Psychology
Psy-5203Psychological Theories
Psy-5204Advanced Psychological Research
Elective Courses
Psy-5205Advanced Social Psychology
Psy-5206Advanced Health Psychology
Psy-5207Advanced Psychological Testing
Core Course
Psy-5208Social Relations and Group Behaviour
Psy-5209Organizational Psychology
Psy-5210Clinical Psychology
Psy-5211Physiological Psychology
Elective Courses
Psy-5212Cultural Psychology
Psy-5213Environmental Psychology
Psy-5214Qualitative and Social Research

Psy-611 Psychological Assessment
Psy-612     Theories of Personality
Psy-613    Counseling and Psychotherapy
Psy-614   Advanced Cognitive Psychology
Psy-621 Organizational Behaviour
Psy-622 Interpersonal Behaviour and Group Processes
Psy-623 Health Psychology / Environmental Psychology / Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence
Psy-624 Research Methodology

Psy-631      Seminar I (Review of Literature)
Psy-633Seminar II (Research and Methodological Issue in the Study Area)
Sample Description
Psy-641 Seminar III (Results and Discussion)
Psy-642 Thesis and Viva Voce
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